ABC Sticks -classroom set


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ABC Sticks -classroom set
ABC Sticks -classroom set

Learn letters and sounds with these durable fun ice block stick letters and boards. Children gain confidence as they scan, select and find letters, pairing them onto the boards. Beginning with learning letters of the alphabet, developing letter sound knowledge to building essential words, ABC Sticks can be used in a variety of ways. These sticks are unique as they have vowels printed in red while consonants are printed in blue. Flip each stick around to find the upper or lower case version.

Designed to be comfortable for little hands, the plastic Alphabet Sticks are completely washable. To wipe the Alphabet Sticks clean, use a damp towel with a bit of soap.

Suggested Whole Classroom Games

Alphabet line up - Each child takes one Alphabet stick and together forms the alphabet across the classroom with all the students holding the alphabet stick from A-Z. Start at A and have each child say the letter sound and name. 

Names and sounds - Teacher to select one letter and hold it up to the class. Students call out the name and sound of the letter. Students who start with the same letter can stand up and say their name. 

Sound and words - Teacher to select one letter and hold it up in front of the class. Teacher asks students what sound teh letter makes. Students to call out words that begin with that sound, teacher to collate the words as a brainstorm.

Object hunt - . Hand a small selection of Alphabet Sticks to ech students and ask them to lay their Alphabet Stick beside something they find in the classroom that starts with that letter.

Alphabet pairs -  Divide the class into two groups, every student can pick an Alphabet Stick. Have the students mingle with the opposite group and try to locate the student with the letter that matches theirs (either uppercase or lowercase) and stand together

This classroom set includes:

100 ABC letter sticks contained in a plastic container for easy classroom use

Two A3 double sided alphabet board (lowercase on one side and uppercase on the other), beautifully printed on 350gsm card and laminated on matt stock

Two A4 double sided blank space boards (perfect for CVC words, names and sight words), beautifully printed on 350gsm card and laminated on matt stock

Activity card detailing the learning outcomes, questions to assist thinking and learning and variations on using this Busy Bag

Large take and store zipper bag, with black trim contaning the Activity Card and Activity Boards

ABC Sticks measure up to 9cm

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 yrs.



ABC Sticks -classroom set
ABC Sticks -classroom set

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